Our Credo

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort." John Ruskin

Quality through knowledge

In our work, we focus on the highest quality, not only concerning our products but also the partnership with our customers. We draw on decades of experience in the food industry.

Thanks to our sound product and market knowledge, we find the best possible solution for your requirements.

Selected Suppliers

With our partners in Azerbaijan, we have a found a reliable supply source of organic hazelnuts. Our annual audits and constant analysis prove excellent quality of the goods.

Our other products are also sourced from carefully selected suppliers. In many cases we can look back on longstanding business relationships. To continually expand our range of products for you, we are constantly on the lookout for further competent suppliers, for whom, like us, high quality products are of top priority.

Quality Inspection

In the quality inspection of nuts, seeds and dried fruits we want to be doubly certain of the high quality.
Mrs. Dr. Driemayer is responsible for quality checks and the complete quality management in our company.

In our internal laboratory, the quality of the raw materials is checked as well as the finished product. In addition, we commission accredited laboratories with the analysis of critical parameters such as pesticides, microbiology, aflatoxins and heavy metals.

Fresh and individual production

“less is more”


Fresh and individual production

Because fresh produce not only tastes better, but is also simply healthier, we produce individually and order-based. Our goods stand out because of their particularly high quality and taste characteristics. We do without declarable additives, nanomaterials and genetically modified organisms by conviction.

Product Specifications

Our production is free from peanuts, sesame, soya, as well as gluten. Details can be found in our product specifications, which can be provided. All our goods are ensured to be traceable from the supplier through our production to the customer and vice versa.


Organic hazelnuts from Azerbaijan

A successful cooperation for over 20 years

Cooperation partner in Azerbaijan

We have been working together with our cooperation partner in Azerbaijan for 20 years. The hazelnuts are cultivated on the outskirts of Caucasus. Old strains are organically cultivated and have a high resistance to pests. A further cultivation area has been added since the latest organic certification. As a result, not only the yield has increased, but the risk of crop failures resulting from the extreme weather conditions have been minimized.

Regular on-site visits ensure the successful cooperation and consistent quality of our goods. We are aware of our social responsibility and attach great importance to fair working conditions on site. Our hazelnuts are certified according to the FairTSA standard (Trade Sustainability Alliance), guaranteeing fair trade and ethical supply chain management.

The harvest at the hazelnut plantations

The farmers who cultivate the plantations receive regular training dealing with organic farming. Procedures on the plantation are therefore limited to maintenance pruning in spring. Furthermore, green manure is used. Legumes are planted under the bushes, which enrich the ground with nitrogen and promote the growth of the plants.

The hazelnut harvest takes place from August to October. The nuts are collected solely by hand and then brought to a collection point. From there they are transported to a processing company, where they are cracked, dried, sorted and packed.