Your product is in safe hands with us.

Individual and order-based refinement


Individual solutions

We offer individual solutions for processing nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

We combine proven production processes with innovative modern methods.

1. Processing

  • roasting
  • blanching
  • chopping
  • cutting and slicing
  • grinding
  • brittle
  • seasoning
  • mixing

2. Cleaning

  • sorting
  • colour sorting
  • X-ray detection
  • metal detection
  • screening


3. Packaging

4. Product development

We understand our craft

Traditional manufacturing techniques combined with technical progress

Our Strengths

We have been refining selected plant raw materials into valuable food products for over 40 years.

We implement proven methods and traditional production technology without losing sight of technical advances and constant further development.

The combination of traditional values, modern technology, cross-generational knowledge and innovative products enable us to be your most efficient partner.

In addition to trading and order-related processing of our own goods, customised order processing has become one of our strengths.

Food Safety

Food safety is of utmost importance to us. Since 2013, our company has been certified according to the international standard of food safety ISO 22000. In addition to the meticulous inspection of incoming raw materials and outgoing products, our goods are continuously checked by our trained employees also during the production process.

To ensure the safety of our products, different contaminant inspection processes are used. These range from sorting by hand, sieving, pit removal, colour sorting, permanent magnets, metal detectors to X-ray detectors, with which we can safely remove millimetre small foreign bodies such as fragments of stones or pips, metal or glass.

Our promise for your products

"Quality means that the customer comes back and not the goods." Hermann Tietz

Individual processing

Individual processing

Whether roasting, blanching, chopping, screening, grating, grinding, slicing, mixing, pressing to an oil or processing to a paste – we refine the goods according to your wishes. For cleaning your goods, we also offer the possibility of hand selection as well as use of x-ray detectors, metal detectors or colour sorters.

Individual packaging

Individual packaging

We are happy to package your goods according to your specifications. We provide different possibilities such as vacuum bags, boxes, big bags, buckets, canisters as well as paper or fabric sacks in various sizes.

Improving Quality

Improving Quality

Using various cleaning and refining methods, as well as the ideal packaging, we can substantially improve the quality of your goods. Contact us to discuss a solution for your problem.

Product Development

Product Development

We are happy to support you in developing new products - whether you already have specific concepts or just a vague idea. Together we will work out the possibilities of technical implementation and advise you in all matters.