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We are nuts about nuts!

In 1974 the senior head Eberhard Ortlieb began producing jams, marmalade and desserts. He had learned the trade from his father, who produced dried fruits, preserves and delicious jams in those days. Later the “sweet sins” were replaced by the production of frozen fruit and vegetables, which were produced over a long period for customers of the European food industry. In 1988 began the exclusive trade with nuts which represents our core business today. The hazelnuts were initially processed in Turkey, a few years later, the production was relocated to the headquarters in Bensheim, Hesse, to be able to produce individually and promptly for German customers.

Cooperation with Azerbaijan

From its base in Bensheim, Ortlieb started a development project for organic hazelnuts in Azerbaijan in 1997. Since then it has become more than just a cooperation between the farmers and the production plant, it has become a close partnership.

Since the first organic hazelnuts were cracked for us in Azerbaijan, they have developed into our main product. After collecting, drying, cracking, sorting and packing, the nuts are available for direct sale or ready for us to process. Besides hazelnuts, we process all kinds of nuts, other than peanuts.

Family tradition

Ortlieb Vegetables & Nuts becomes Ortlieb Organic


A Family-run Business

Ortlieb is a German, family-run, traditional business, which was founded in 1974 and has since then established itself in the market and is now in its third generation. The youngest generation combines traditional values with modern methods.

Organic stands for the conviction to offer our customers exclusively, organically cultivated products of the best quality. Over 90 percent of our products are meanwhile stamped with the organic seal. At the same time, our name suffix reflects our international focus, which we plan to further expand in the future.

Finally, our new name stands for our modified range of products. Instead of conventional vegetables, our focus meanwhile lies in the organic sector, and not only nuts.

“We are experts when it comes to nuts, but our assortment is constantly being expanded.”

Today, our portfolio includes not only nuts, but also products which are often requested in connection with them or which complement the product well.

Our customers

Our customers include companies in the food industry, muesli, ice-cream and chocolate manufacturers, bakeries, oil mills, operators of internet shops, packaging plants as well as other national and international wholesalers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a product or have any questions, we are here to assist you.